Aniblog Tourney: InD!ecision 2012

From fighting off virus infections to repainting all of the walls of the café, Daifuuku! and its staff has finally made its way to the prestigious aniblog tourney. As the manager, it brings tears to my eyes that we get the privilege of competing in this tourney with the numerous other blogs in the sphere. Since we were indeed given this wondrous opportunity, we’re gonna go full out, tying our “D! fight” bandanas on and pretend to be a dango do the best that we can.

Irasshaimase goshujinsama! If you’re a first time visitor to our blog, Welcome to Daifuuku!, the sphere’s very own aniblog café , bloggers and non-bloggers come alike to enjoy our variety of ‘dishes’ or episodics over many genres and tastes. If the anime cookbook has it, we make it! (Except for the PG 18 stuff that will contradict our image). To us, managing a team anime blog is like working in a café – we’re working together to bring all of you an enjoyable experience.

Having managed Daifuuku for about a year now, I can confidently say that we do many things the Daifuuku! way and that’s what makes us special. Whether it’s the design, our Roleplaying (which you can find in most of our episodics and updates posts), or our videos. Our style is a distinct type of cute that grew over time with the diversed personas of our staff. In after reading two of our group posts you will definitely know that we’re a bunch of lunatics running around making sweets. Not to mention that some of us (namely one of the managers) isn’t even here most of the time.
I would think that we make some pretty addicting sweets and cakes – it’s just a matter of getting you, the customers, to taste them, that’s all! Without further ado, here are some ‘appetizers’ to start you off:
(Warning: Most of them may not have pictures as we did recently move and do not have the backups of the pictures.)

D!Team cakes and sweets:

Starburst – the authoritarian manager/founder that is always yelling at everybody and never fails to make incredibly bad puns. Often wonders about contradictory things in both the real world and the anime world. Finds irony incredibly funny and sets walls on fire in the café. Dances the D!dance videos:

Orange, the virtuosic chef, loyal lackey to the cafe (most to the authoritarian manager). A student of the University of Californian Oranges, Los Angeles. Having studied the art of dumping various baking ingredients randomly into a bowl and throwing it into the oven, her cakes are miraculously mouth watering.

dai1313, the hardworking, whole-hearted busboy that never gets truly appreciated for the work he does. One particular manager thinks he has an afro and mustache:

Arctic, the benevolent sous-chef! So benevolent, that she usually ends up doing all of the work in the kitchen. Also otherwise known as The Normal One around the cafe. Likes to rant about her distaste for cliche shoujo, and her favourite pastime is annoying Captain.

Serené Lin, the MIA manager, loves pigging around, chasing butterflies, and jars of oxygen. She is part of the main organizers for the Music section, responsible for giving the customers good quality J-music to listen to while they munch away at their omurice.

As for Eri the parfait specialist and Captain the androgynous Butler, they will have posts coming during the current season in the near future, so please stay tuned!~

If you’ve enjoyed what you have seen, please go to the Aniblog Tourney page to vote for us after careful deliberation between us and our competition! We hope you enjoy your stay, and please come again~


  1. Good luck you guys, I hope the power of cuteness and sweets will prevail !! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

  2. Good luck Team Daifuuku!You’ve got my super awesome vege vote so there’s no way you’ll lose~! 😛 hehehehe…

  3. Gambatte mina, oensuruzo~daze

  4. Voted for Daifuuku. Good luck! 😀

  5. I voted for you guys and I’m glad you won. Rock on, my friends! :)

  6. A belated congrats to you guys for making it past round one!

  7. I’m here to wish you guys luck on your inexorable descent into hell. I hope after this is all over we can reminisce about old times over tea and candied unicorn jewels. I refuse to lose to you in cuteness. Toodles.

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