Aniblog Tourney Round Two! Daifuuku! Fight-o!~

Thanks to everyone who supported Daifuuku! in the first round! Thanks to all of you we made it to the second round! Here is some complimentary cake as a token of our appreciation! (Notice that the design is inspired by the banner of our worthy competition, Mecha Guignol)

Now that Daifuuku! has made it to the second round, we need your support more than ever! Please continue to check out our newest dishes/posts and vote for us! We are up against Anime Gerad, who has issued quite a stingy challenge to us both on their blog and on the Aniblog Tourney Post! The staff here at Daifuuku! are looking forward to this sugary battle and we’ll try our best to win!~

As it is the end of May, most of the Daifuuku! staff members are heading into summatives and exam period, so we apologize if the posts are not posted as regularly as it should.

If you are new here at our café, welcome! Please check our previous Aniblog Tourney Welcome post 

Since that last post, we’ve posted quite a few editorials and episodics, including:

To vote for us, please go to the Aniblog Tourney page here or click the Daifuuku! picture below.
Some words are best expressed in pictures. So we leave you with this picture:



  1. Good luck in round two guys! You have my support ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ!

  2. I think you guys pretty much nailed it. Good luck in round 3!

    • Well, congratulations on being the better blog!

      I also applaud you for being such great sports. Calling my attacks “stingy” really toned down the blatant negativity I spewed in your general direction.

      It’s now your job to win the whole thing. I’ll be directing my hate towards now.

      • Thank you for the congratulatory comment.
        I’ve got to say that your challenge post and comment were pretty entertaining both before and after the match. ^^
        We’ll try our best to advance to round 4! Thanks :)

    • Thanks very much Kai ^^

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