Café Daifuuku RolePlay Special~ Anniversary Version

Ever wonder what it would be to be in the back kitchen and staff room of Café Daifuuku! with all the staff, knives, flammable objects, and food? We present to you the second part of our Anniversary special! Daifuuku! Roleplay: Anniversary Version.

RP Roles:

Starburst: Authoritarian manager (+whip)/Head maid
Serené: MIA manager
Orange: Head Chef
Eri: Parfait Specialist
Captain: Butler
dai1313: Head Busboy
Arctic: Sous-Chef (New Blood)
Relic: Busboy (Slightly Newer Blood)

Part 1

Setting: In the kitchen (Captain+Arctic on break, Eri hasn’t started shift yet) Star is covering for Arctic’s Shift, Serené is consuming oxygen/food/sleeping and speaking without doing any work, and Orange + Dai working away in the kitchen

Starburst*pokes head into kitchen* Is that moe moe omelette rice for table number 5 ready? It sure smells good in here…

Orange: Almost, just need to add the onions.

Starburst: *takes dish, goes to cafe, brings to customer, comes back with dirty dishes* Table 8 needs cleaning! Someone get on it!

dai1313: Who do you think is going to get it? *exits kitchen*

Orange: Uwaaah we’re so busy today I’m gonna have 10 years taken off my lifespan!

dai1313*returns to kitchen with a dangerously unstable tack of dishes in both hands* ah- I forgot the dish-cart again…

Starburst: Seriously?! *helps Dai carry stack*

Orange: Hey watch it Dai! Since you’re here, mind getting me that huge ass pot from behind island E7 over there?

dai1313: Sure, no problem.

Starburst*wipes forehead* Working in a Café is such hard work eh?… Do I hear snoring?

dai1313: What, you haven’t done anything but ogle at the moe moe omelet, and everything  arctic is supposed to be doing. Ah, Orange… Serene fell asleep on the big pot you wanted.

Orange*shakes head* I’m too busy to go over myself, so give her the usual.

dai1313:  *kicks serene’s achilles tendon – she wakes up*

Serené: Puhi~! *wanders off*

Starburst*shakes head, folds arms* To think that she was once a hard work and a great baker. What happened? She used to make the best angel food cakes with such nice texture. Now the most productive thing she does in this cafe is consume oxygen and emptying our fridge.

Serené*has already fallen asleep again, this time on the ceiling fan*

Starburst*stares* Ahh, business as usual. *gets broom* I wonder how many pokes it’s going to take to get her down this time. Last time it took 27!

*starts poking* 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, *still up there* COME ON…fall!

Orange: It’s okay guys, I got this *turns fan to max spinning speed*

dai1313: Ah, a customer spilled a drink… Ah, another customer slipped on it…haha

Starburst: What are you standing and watching for then? Go clean it up please! *hands over a mop* *pushes Dai out * *wipes sweat from forehead* To think that being a café manager would be a breeze. But I ended up covering for Arctic’s shift while she’s on break. It’s been three hours, doesn’t she really need to take that long to get groceries?

dai1313: … a safety hazard.

Starburst: One of these days I would like to take a nice paid vacation to Hawaii *uses wall for support* *wall bursts into flames*

dai1313: Not again…. *Pulls out fire extinguisher*

Starburst: fffffff

Orange: Okay everyone! OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!

…And so, Serene is left alone on top of a spinning fan over a sea of flames, fast asleep.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you cook a pig.

Part 2:

Setting: In the meanwhile, in the staff room, Captain is taking her break. Then, Eri and Arctic enter to start his shift and bring the groceries respectively.

Eri*enter store and starts sniffing* W-what is that horrible smell? It looks like something has burnt to me.

Captain*has taken full advantage of his break time, and begun dozing off on the couch in the staff room before sitting up abruptly from the smell of smoke* Woah what the fuck guys is there a fire.. going on.. somewhere..? Jesus that smells bad.

Eri: *enters staff room* It looks so… I don’t think I wanna go to the kitchen anytime soon…

Arctic*enters the kitchen from back door* Hey guys, sorry for taking so long, I got the grocer–… HOLY WHAT IS THAT?! CAPTAIN CAPTAIN CAPTAAIINN!


Arctic: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD *dashes into the staffroom*

Captain: I knew working at this place was a bad idea. It’s full of idiots who can light non-flammable objects on fire. *absconds back into the staff room hoping for protection within*

Eri: *crawls out from below a table* Wh-wh-wh-what’s going on in there? *trembling*

Captain*looks over at the mysterious talking table* …Oh, Eri it’s you. I think. Someone. Has lighted. A fire..? IS THERE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER ANYWHERE? Does someone have magical waterbending powers? HALP. *panics and disappears into paradox space through a crack in time underneath the staff room couch and is thus lost forever*

Eri*fills the crack with a cork* Oh! Hey there Arctic! Is the situation back there really that bad?

Arctic: An entire wall… Is in flames. and Serene is on top of the fan…

Eri: SERENE-SAMAAAAAAAAA *runs off to the kitchen and instantly comes back with a bag filled with candy* So… where were we? Oh, that’s right! Where did you spend your Christmas holidays Arctic-san?

Arctic: Uh… You know, just at home. I slept most of the time, heheh…

Eri*gloriously grips fist into the air* Ahhhh! How nice it is to be young! I spent all time here setting up the props for our next event and when I got back home I had to feed my 1337 cats… *turns face around with big black cycles around his eyes*

Arctic: O-Oh, is that so? I’m sorry I didn’t come to help!… with the event, I mean, not your cats.

EriNot that I needed any help It’s fine; I’m used to doing all the backstage work alone. That typical melancholy has grown on me, actually~ It’s so enjoyable I have even lost track of how long I’ve been working here. And, you know what, it hasn’t even been a year; how ironic. I wonder how someone new feels in this kind of a situation. Is my memory getting faulty again? I just hope we haven’t scarred you for life just when you started working here. Why does someone take up on such a fluffy work, anyways? *head scratch*

Arctic: I’m alright with these sort of things, don’t worry! These situations are perfectly normal well not really  to me. Everyone’s really friendly, so I’m adjusting well.

Eri: Most of us here already run our own little businesses so we’re too lax about the café. We’re doing this for entertainment and that’s what we strive to deliver both to our customers and one another. So… yeah… it’s kinda bad to admit it but burning walls, CO2 overproduction, things like that are too common in here. Feel free to break a plate or two when you’re not feeling well… Just don’t overdo it! Actually, I think that if this café ever closes down it will be because of lack of plates, if not staff… So you realize YOUR LIFE’S NOT FOR GRANTED IN HERE! IT’S DESTROY OR GET DESTROYED! EVERY DAY IS A CONSTANT BATTLE! YOSHHHH!!! *burning up*

ArcticThis guy talks so much… I see what you mean, everyone’s quite crazy around here. I’m not really one for breaking plates though, so those are safe from me. I’ve already seen what life is like in here, everyone is very lax, as you say… but there’s always one thing I’ve been confused about. I’ve heard quite scary  rumours about Starburst-sama, and her iron fist. And honestly, I’m afraid of provoking her… how can everyone be so easygoing around her?!?

Eri: Ha, haha, ahahaha *hysterical laugh* S-Star’s scary? I still don’t know who made up that rumor or maybe it’s my overly sadistic nature the reason why I don’t hold back when teasing her! *rubs tears from eyes* Then again, I have quite the confidence Star wouldn’t wanna fire me anytime soon so that gives me more reasons to nag at her. You see, my parfaits are magical! They hypnotize people… or kill them, depending on my mood~ And I don’t think you should be afraid of her either. She’s just fretting a lot over keeping the whole place in one piece so she has several mental breakdowns here and there. Slap her, put a muffin under her nose and she’ll come round in no time… Hey, that’s not a bad idea, ohohoho *rubs hands deviously*

ArcticNot only does this guy talk a lot, he’s insane too! I better not upset him… I’ve heard about your parfaits! They’re apparently really nice, but I haven’t tried one of them myself, haha. Not like I really want to, after what you’ve said about Star… And, ummm, from what you’re saying about Starburst-sama, she seems okay I guess. Her mental breakdowns are understandable. No they aren’t, she set a wall on fire! So, Eri, please don’t harm her… *shivers* I-I mean, she is our boss after all.

Eri: Hmmm, if you insist I shall spare the poor child’s life. I admit kneeling down and begging would have helped but… nevermind. It’s the beginning of a great day at work, no need to be demanding so soon. Which reminds me… I should go help my hubby now that my shift has started. *shouts* Orange-sama, Eri-nyan is coming for you *walks out of the staff room skipping with a knife in hand*

Arctic: Eri, don’t do anything funny in the kitchen – … Oh right, the groceries! Where are they?! *scrambles around the room* Oh god oh god oh god, Starburst-sama is gonna kill me… *picks up the groceries and rushes out of the room in a panic*

Part 3:

Setting: Its the end of a long day, and its finally time to close up the cafe. All the employees (collectively, this is everyone) give their final statements and leave to go home/next part time job/etc, leaving Star, Orange, and Serene to close up and lock the doors. Due to sleeping on a revolving fan over an open fire (in the kitchen, which apparently no one tried to subdue) the entire course of the day, Serene now wakes up with a fantastic fan-shaped tan.

Eri*walks in the kitchen* Haa, I am done with cleaning the tables. *sighs* I feel like my shoes were on fire all day… literally. *glares Star* Ah! What’s this? I think I can hear my dear cats’ stomachs growling! Yada~ I have left some parfaits in the refrigerator so feel free to help yourselves! Oh~ If you touch the cherry one…*breaks a parfait glass in grip*…I will slice you up in pretty scarlet pieces and feed you to my cats, kyun~ *smiles* I AM COMING HONEYYY *jets back home*

Arctic: Is it really safe to eat those parfaits?… O-oh, I mean, you guys can have them, I’m not very hungry at the moment. *puts cutting board away* Well, I’ve cleaned my portion of the dishes and all, so I’ll be taking my leave now. Don’t want Eri doing anything suspicious, so I’ll just follow him for a while… *chases after Eri*

Starburst*extingishes wall of fire* *collapses on couch*  It’s been a long day, time to go to slee- oh wait, gotta lock up…

Orange*still irritated* Says the one who set my kitchen on fire!

Starburst*slaps Orange across the face* I didn’t see you do anything about it!

Orange: Ouch! I did so not deserve that! I worked hard today too you know! *walks away sulking*

Serené*climbs down from the fan* Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow… *rubs eyes and yawns* Is it time to sleep yet?…

Starburst: Cheer up you two! We made lots of customers happy today~

dai1313: Orange! I am raiding the fridge before I leave.

Orange: Bah! Do whatever you like, I don’t care anymore!! *more sulking*

dai1313: No seriously, cheer up. *brings 2 of Eri’s famous parfaits, and a glass of OJ*

Orange*sips* Aaaah, and that is my favourite part of the day~

Starburst: Ughh, brain freeze *squints* *munches on more anyways*

Serené*eyes Star’s parfait and steals the strawberry while she’s not looking*

Starburst*closes the windows* It’s getting really cold outside, why don’t you all join me for tea upstairs before heading home? I promise I won’t put hydrogen peroxide in it this time.

dai1313: You know what? I think I will brew the tea today.

Starburst: Hehe~ Sorry, my test tubes are vaguely similar to my tea set, it was an honest mistake~

Orange: Perfect timing! I bought some Orange Pekoe at the market the other day, let’s try it!

dai1313: Orange Pekoe is so generic~ Don’t we have anything more exotic?

Orange*thinks* Well, I did see we have some rose tea in stock, how about those?

da1313: Damn. We brew that for our customers? They don’t know how lucky they are.

Starburst: I guess we can spare a bag or two. I’ll whip up some finger sandwiches and we’ll have a tea party, yay~

dai1313: Star, rose tea does not come in tea bags. It’s generally sold loose.

Orange: Star-sama…..maybe you should sit back and let me handle the sandwiches, I don’t want you to…you know set my kitchen on fire again tire youself after such a long day.


The tea is being brewed. Please wait warmly until it is ready.


Starburst: Fine. *opens door to apartment above café*

Orange: Whaaah! So this is what Star-sama’s living quarters are like! *Jumps on her bed and starts rolling*

dai1313: You have been working here for 10 times as long as me and you have never been up here? *pushes orange-sama burrito off of bed and starts rolling in the sheet*

Starburst: Of course! My living quarters is a place of privacy, efficiency, and function – I can’t possibily let Orange come here ! She’ll mess everything up!~ Plus, I was busy with some interior decor, since I’m super indecisive, it took a while. But it’s modern yet elegant, desho?~

Serené: Mmfs *makes her way over to Star’s closet and climbs into a nest of blankets and pillows, before sliding close the closet door*

dai1313: Ah, star. Does this underwear between the bed and the wall count as privacy, efficiency, or  function?

Orange*drool* *stomach growl*

Starburst*blushes like a tomato*…that’s my sister’s!

Orange: Hehehe that’s a cute pattern~ are you sure it’s not yours~?

Starburst*hears whistle of kettle* I think the tea is ready! *throws underwear in laudry basket* *goes to get tea*

Orange: No! *grabs Star by the arm and throws her back on the bed* You stay here! Stay! Good girl, my kitchen is saved for another day.

dai1313: I will be back with the tea. *sheet burrito shimmies down the stairs*

Orange*Bring out box of sponge cake topped with strawberries* I bought these for myself, but  I guess it’s more fun eating with friends.

———————————-*Everyone noms on cake, nomnomnomnomnom*————————————

Starburst: *takes a bite of cake* Oh man this cake reminds me of the ones Serené use to make back when we just started Daifuuku.

Orange: Oh? How were they?

Starburst: Yeah, it looked just like this but didn’t taste anywhere as delicious. Now that I think about it tasted more like old flour and gym socks. But she got better real fast, you know. By the time Orange came in, her cakes tasted fabulous. Thank god…

Orange: I’m the cook, of course my skills has to be customer-satisfying! *proud*

dai1313: Hay, tell me more about the early days of this cafe.

Orange: Ah, I remember the time when Serene was still an active manager, she was pretty lively back then too! I admired her so much back then *sigh* but I guess she’ll never be the same again.

Starburst: Cafe management and culinary school must have knocked her out… Anyways, Dai, to answer your questions, allow me to tell you a story.

It started a long long time ago, 365 days to be exact, way back when Serené and I just started training in the culinary arts. Serené and I were fooling around in the school kitchen, tasting a swig of this, and mixing in custard with cream cheese and all that sort of stuff, when an idea struck me. I yelled across the kitchen to Serené, who was perfecting her lattes on the other site, “Wanna start a maid café?”. Unfortunately she was so absorbed in her work consuming oxygen that she didn’t notice me. So I just started working on the menu by myself. 15 minutes later, Serené yelled: “Yeah, sure!”. That’s how it all started…

*fades out*

Orange*clears table* Well, I guess we should be going soon, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow as well!

dai1313: Don’t you know that every day is about 24 hours? Every day is a long d… shhh… I think we have an intruder. Get down.

*Shadowy figure makes its way up the stairs with a knife in its hand…steps getting quicker and louder until…*




Starburst: FREAKIN’ GOD…..HOLY FISHSTICKS…..GAAAAAAAH? Oh it’s just you Relic… you scared me with that knife of yours. What do you want us to do, have a heart attack? Sheesh *wipes sweat off forehead and fixes business suit.*

Relic*step out from shadows energetically* HEY GUYS! *brandish knife and gaze upon its keen edge*WE ALL READY TO WORK!? You’ll never believe what I came across on the way here! I came upon a pond on the way to work. In the pond I saw beautiful catfish, their scales shimmering off the reflection of the morning sun. And then I caught myself contemplating the subtle beauty but lethal intention of the catfish as it flaunted its knife like fin. *voice trails off into deep thought*

Orange*rubs eyes and adjusts glasses* Gosh I thought I was seeing things! Don’t scare us like that, have some decency to conceal that thing of yours!

dai1313: Don’t catfish have proportionally small and relatively harmless fins? Wouldn’t it be better to compare a knife to a stone-fish or a lion-fish?

Serené: Mornings Relic-san~! Want some oxygen? *holds up a handful of oxygen*

Relic: Oh! I’m sorry, oxygen?! *devours without a second glance*

Starburst: Where were you all day? This is your week and you skip out? You may have the best vegetable peeling skills in the country but it’s nothing without the punctuality to match!

Relic: Late!? Peeling skills!? Punctuality!? I’m INSULTED! You can’t appreciate the parallel beauty between my prized peeling knife and that catfish’s serrated fins! The artistic cutlery that is reminiscent of a surgeon’s scalpel, sharp enough mind you to cut even the most minute particle of matter in the entire known galactic universe we find our collective conscious trapped in. Sharp enough to make a SHARPENER blush! Me and that catfish can make a blade look like a mallet stacked up against our lethal tools of the trade…

Orange*taps Dai on the shoulder*

dai1313: Isn’t this fine? He looks like he is having so much fun he might die. He might.

Relic: Why you’ll never understand! *grumbles about the profound nature of catfish and gracefully attends to the veggie peeling*

Serené: …foooooooooood….. *follows Relic into the kitchen*

Starburst*chases after him* Hold up Relic, you’re more than 12 hours late, YOU UNDERSTAND!? You’re suppose to be here at 8, not 2 hours after midnight!

dai1313: I think you might need to pound the concept of time through his thick skull… with a hammer.

Starburst*deep sigh* He’s just like that old butler we had…But at least Relic’s productive once he gets here. I don’t think I’ll need to bring out the whip.

Relic*poke head through kitchen* Speaking of intrigue and quandary, why are all the customers so late to get here.

Starburst: Relic, have you the time right now? *says in a strern tone*

Relic *check watch* Its 2 A.M. Why do you ask? Whats the big deal?

Starburst: *rage sets another wall on fire*

Orange: *smells smoke and insinctively grabs for the fire extinguisher* Aiya! I’m lucky this time it isn’t my kitchen, but we need to take good care of our cafe or else it’ll become dilapidated in no time!

dai1313: Dilapidated? More like incinerated.

Relic*shrugs* Well these veggies are not going to peel themselves. I wonder what’s taking the customers so long…skipping breakfast is bad for your health, you know. *pops head back in the kitchen to diligently peel vegetables and day dream about his adoration for the catfish’s sharp fins*

[collective head-cupcake]


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