Drawing Is Hard But Captain Tries Anyway (Requests Closed! Sorry!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, what’s up!

This is Captain – Yeah, the one who really rarely every posts anything.For the new readers who don’t actually know me (and for the old readers that have seen so little of me, you’ve forgotten who I am), hey! A short summary of who I am would be that I’m the one who’s perpetually on hiatus, because of school, or a general lack of interest in anime. I’m meant to be pretty androgynous, but I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m just a girl suffering from some aspect of gender dysphoria – thus, the supposed gender ambiguity. I like to do a couple of things – eating, not sleeping, writing, and…



And that, is the main point of this post!

As most of you guys should know, our match in the Aniblog Tourney was up yesterday.

(I’m sure Starburst, or one of the more active writers, will make a more detailed post on this later on, as frankly speaking, being as distanced as I am from this community, I’m still not quite sure what the Aniblog Tourney is all about… So I’m not the person to be asked questions regarding this topic.)

But! As a big thank you to whoever had shown support for Daifuuku in the rounds (the earlier ones, and this one), Captain will be taking drawing requests for the rest of the month! Sorry! No more! u w u

So yes! I will draw you anything! Any character, any situation. Even yaoi.

Here’s a simple guide regarding how you ask for a drawing:

  1. Comment on this post with what you want drawn.

It’s that simple! It really is. Maybe as a favour you could tell me who the character is and what show / fandom / series he or she or it is from. If you want to, leave a link to a reference image! (There’s a high chance I won’t know who the character is, especially if it’s from anime – because, save Gintama, I don’t really watch any anymore!)

So that’s it! It’s so simple. It’ll also help me out of my art block, wa-hey. And if in any case you’re not convinced that I can actually hold a tablet pen in my hand and produce something, here are links to my Tumblr art tag (where all art I post is collected) and my deviantART (which has been neglected to the point I have 2857 messages waiting for me).

Whether you have voted for us or not – It doesn’t matter. Just leave a comment and I will gladly draw it for you! u w u

P.S. This post will be constantly updated with drawings – I will notify you in the comment when I’m done with your request(s).

1. Orange’s Request


Orange (chef).


2. Starburst’s Request


A drawing of her manager self in a manager pose, while NOT riding a dinosaur and NOT taking down an army of white globulus aliens.


3. Serene’s Request


A jar of O2.


4. Iso’s Request


Himself, but my supposed impression of him that I’ve gained.


5. Hoshi’s Request


Herself, in an astronaut outfit, floating in space, with a panda.


6. Fosh’s Request


Nyaruko, from, uh, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (?)



  1. Captain! Draw an orange! A chef one! >v<

  2. Can you draw denko and me? (´・ω・`)

  3. I request a drawing of my manager self (like the one you did for my birthday) BUT in a manager pose. Full body or at least half body please!

  4. I request a drawing of myself! haha I’d like to see how you imagine me to be xD Thanks! 😀

  5. Captain, can I get a jar of oxygen? XD

  6. ~Can I have a drawing of me floating in space (sans astronaut outfit) with a panda? (・ヮ・)

  7. Ooooh Oooooh! I know draw me a picture of Nyaruko-san! Half body xD

    • I got a little carried away and forgot about the half-body thing. (The skirt was a pain, I should have been more attentive, whoops).
      But it’s done!

  8. hello~! can you draw me a picture of Canada and Russia from hetalia? please? *puppy eyes*


  9. Really? Even yaoi?? Wait no…can you draw me a picture of Ulquiorra from Bleach-in Murcielago form while he’s thinking “I <3 Cely_belly" pweety peas! Full body…half body…just his head…I don't care 😛

  10. Hehehehehehe…. you’re probably thinking I’m gonna say K-On but nah~ I’d like to jump on the same bandwagon as Iso and ask of a drawing of myself in a way that you perceive me to be Captain! ^^ With a left handed bass guitar if that’s alright? XD

  11. Draw me Kisame.

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